Tudor Petrov Popa - Free from Transnistria after 15 years

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 Tudor Popa is the last Romanian political prisonier of the former Ilascu Group. Tudor Popa was held illegaly by Russia in Transnistria for 15 long years. On 4th of June 2007, at the Dubasari Bridge, the arbitrary border between separatist Transnistria and Republic of Moldova, Tudor Popa was released in the arms of his childs and family, his destiny putting an end to this drama.



The European Court of Human Rights has condamned Russian Federation and Republic of Moldova, in 2004, for keeping in jail the Romanian patriots Tudor Popa, Andrei Ivantoc, Alexandru Lesco and Ilie Ilascu, the later released in 2001, after 9 years behind bars. The Romania civic society started an international campaign in favour of their early released, but Russia didn't care about the tears of Bucharest.

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